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When it comes to jewellery product shots, you can never settle for anything less than perfect. Why? Because when you are selling jewellery online, promoting it on catalogues and magazines or showcasing your videos, the very first element that the customer will see is the product shots. Your jewellery images are your gateway to successful sales and effective branding. Statistics support these statements too as 8 out of 10 consumers decide not to purchase online because the image was not good enough. Having high-quality jewellery photos that highlight the product’s brilliance and beauty helps you capture you client’s attention and bridges them to buy your precious jewels.

At Fine Jewellery Images, we take your jewellery photos seriously. It is our job to bring dull and raw images to life with expert photo-retouching, photography and video services. It is our commitment to help you launch and showcase your next bestselling jewellery pieces with highly detailed and visually stunning product images.

Our services include:

Jewellery Retouching

Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Video



Where you have existing images you would like to enhance or do your own photography and need a little editing.

·       Image clipping for removal of background

·       Cropping for consistency

·       Adjust the contrast intensity to low, medium, or high.

·       Reflection options such as soft shadows, B&W mirror, coloured mirror or remove shadows

·      Different file formats

·       Change Lighting corrections and adjustments.

·       Clean and removal of spots and blemishes on Metals, Diamonds and Gemstones.

·       Create a natural, semi-natural, or artificial lighting effect. 

·       Adjust the contrast intensity to low, medium, or high.

·      Corrections and straightening of irregular chains.

·       Enhance metal finishes to shiny, matte, or brushed.

·       A Risk-free Trial of your own sample. 

We take projects of any size, photos of any formats and quality, from your iPhone pictures to your raw studio files and retouch them into any required format and size. 

Special value for large batches, recurring orders and long term clients.



Where we take the stress off you and give you Professional Jewellery photos for your special marketing campaign or e-commerce website.

·       Includes our finest retouching service

·       Basic photography or bespoke pieces, we cater to your specific needs.



Showcase your finest jewellery pieces and connect your brand with clients through videos.

·       Most popular trend at the moment to capture your client market attention to your brand.

·       360 degrees videos or feature video for exquisite pieces, we cater to your specific needs.


Why hire a professional for your jewellery images?

So you have a jewellery shopfront and want to expand your online market. You may already have a website or want to build one from scratch. You've done all the hard work and all you need is a great photo to show off your precious jewels. 

Fortunately, you have your own camera or friend who takes photos as a hobby. So why consider Fine Jewellery Images when you can get it done so cheaply?

ANSWER: You are losing money if you are selling from poor images. Fine Jewellery Images enhance the value of your product to the marketplace. We help you create a revenue generator and save you cost, whether it's online or offline. 

Why isn't a good picture good enough?

When a customer looks at your product on your website, they are asking if what they see is worth it. They want value from what you are offering. Your client is after the most minute details given the nature of your small sized inventory. Here are other judgements they make when shopping or browsing online:

  • Do you take your product as seriously as them?
  • Have you been around for a while?
  • Can they trust your business enough to buy from you?

ANSWER: Your jewellery images speaks in more ways than you think. It is the image that is your virtual storefront where customers are judging you by your window. You cannot afford to lose the opportunities to put your absolute best products forward. The value loss is major compared to the cost of hiring an expert to create best seller images. 

What's wrong with the pictures I've got?

More often than not, your DIY photos and hard work may have the wrong colour background, light bleeding all over the edges of your beautiful jewellery, hot spots of over exposed light or unappealing shadows. Shadows are used to control the drama in the image, not to create chaos. Then you have to think about other elements such as composition, textural detailing through light, lens choice and colour accuracy. 

ANSWER: Fine Jewellery Images knows how to bring out the essence of your jewellery which leads to increase in sales online or straight to your store front. We understand the pain of poor quality images and help you make a return on your investment. 

What can FINE JEWELLERY IMAGES do for me?

  • World class images 
  • Save you time
  • Save you cost 
  • Give you a tool to attract your ideal clients
  • Find out what is important to you before starting a project
  • You get consistent quality images and colour accuracy
  • Increase your online presence with excellent portfolio
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • No risk with our free samples for retouching.


"Fastest growing business in the Jewellery Retouching firms in the world." 

Fine Jewellery Images brings you the highest quality jewellery photo-editing services to maximize your earning potential.

Fine Jewellery Images is an Australian-based company specializing in jewellery photo-editing and retouching. This family-grown company was founded by Jet and Thi, a fun-loving husband-and-wife tandem with a combined passion for creativity in graphics, photography and detail. With the increasing demand for their jewellery photo-retouching services, they gathered the very best photo editors who are highly skilled and experienced in jewellery photo-retouching and enhancement.

Today, Fine Jewellery Images leads the jewellery photo-retouching industry in delivering brilliantly enhanced product images to jewellery designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in Australia and beyond.  The company adheres to world-class photo-retouching standards and the strictest attention to details when enhancing images to prime your product shots for catalogues, advertisements, and online sales. 

Whether you have a dozen or thousands of images, they can take care of it for you. With teams of the finest retouchers in the world, you can be sure of quality just like your jewellery collection.

Jewellery Retouching

After giving Fine Jewellery Images a trial a year ago, I’m now a customer for life. I’ve used their services time and time again and honestly I cannot fault them. The images I provide have always needed quite a lot of work and it still blows me away every time how incredible  they look when they come back. Not only do they bring my pieces to life, they provide an extremely quick, easy service and are always more than happy to tweak little aspects of the image afterwards if required. For Jewellery, photos are the most important aspect to sell your work, and I can honestly say using Fine Jewellery Images has transformed my business and increased my sales. I couldn’t recommend this company more highly.

Kara Breadmore. Ka’llure Jewellery


The photos look fantastic. I am very impressed and will definitely use your service in the future as it will save me TONS of time. 

Danielle Sweeney Design


Thi & Jet is one of the most respectable photographers/retouchers we have come across. Their consultation are excellent and they listen to what we want. We view these wonderful couple now as friend more than a just business person. Their work are high-class standard but it is done with a minimum of fuss and for me within a very tight time frame. Colour specs is a very important part of my jewellery design and they got it right. Fine Jewellery Images photos have captured the vibrancy and excitement that I feel for my work.

Infinity Diamond Designers


Thank you Fine Jewellery Images! Your work are amazing and we finally released our second stage catalogue! It looks much better than the previous one and we know our sales will definitely increase. Your touchup skills to enhance our existing photos definitely stands out from the competitors and it’s commercialized for future magazines. Fine Jewellery images have excelled through their artistry and technical experience to produce these extraordinary images that I will use to promote my jewellery worldwide. Thank you again.

Simon W. Jewellery


It has been a pleasure to work very close to Fine Jewellery Images team. I am very impressed they have listened carefully to what we want and to how I wanted the finer details of our designs highlighted. I am very thrilled with the images of their work and how easy we got along with them. They have had some powerful ideas and I would highly recommend Fine Jewellery Images to future clients.

Pretty Pink Jewellery


Let me start with a WOW! I have been a Jewellery Artist for 17 years and we have found the perfect Jewellery photographer and Retoucher who could provide us with clear, crisp well presented images of our work. Fine Jewellery Images went through a thorough consultation and they understood immediately the kind of image we wanted. They are very easy to talk to and listen to what we want.

Thi have maintained excellent communication throughout the process, detailed emails and ensuring we are happy with the photos at every stage. Fine Jewellery Images’ team not only took great photos, they brought us a new dimension and ideas of our own work.

We found Thi is very honest, professional and a breeze to deal with. I am stunned with the results and we will definitely be back for you to complete our next stage of catalogue and website photos.

Bob Harris, Regent Jewellery Artistry


Far better than most of the retouchers we attempted. Your services to our business are very valuable. Fine Jewellery Images really listens to our needs and loves to problem solve and provide us a solution to our images. We realised that the images of Fine Jewellery Images have retouched is the sole purpose togenerate our income and increase the online presence. Within a month, our website traffic increased by 40%, 1242 extra clients driven. We will be back for future projects in 3D Cad rendering photos to our website. Great idea. Best wishes!

Fiona Kamphius, Duffs Jewellery


Thi & Jet are very polite and easy to communicate with. They did the touchup exactly what we asked for, including coloring specs. Keep up the good work!"

Ernest Jones Jewellery


Fine Jewellery Images does excellent work. Our team are very impressed with your services, level of communication and your work definitely classified as high-end imagery quality. We will set up a meeting and review our work to you for future projects. Regards.

Lynne, Goldsmiths UK


Fine Jewellery Images is the future of our business and growth. They offer a very valuable services. We are in-house photographers and now realised that it is ideally to outsource our photos to these professionals, Fine Jewellery Images, for the photo editing to save time and valuable for the price. We are impressed with your re-touched up of all our worse photos from the website and catalogue to high-end quality images. They have made us stand out from the crowd because our jewellery photos have never looked better than before. Their attention to detail is outstanding and their quality of customer service is respectable. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank You!

Warren James Jewellery


We have tried over 10+ world jewellery retouching companies, and you guys are the real deal! We have discovered Fine Jewellery Images to be amongst the most respected retouchers and photographers in the Jewellery industry. They offers friendly customer service, communication, knowledge and they also offer a fast turn around with excellent high quality skills in retouching Jewellery. We also love your sharing experience and knowledge of the Jewellery industry. All our images look amazing and we are very pleased for your business to work on our next project in the near future.

George Jensen Jewellers


Very impressed with your service and quality of work. Perfect craftsmanship of retouching. We would definitely outsource our work to you to save us time because we trust your integrity and work quality.

James Zev, Professional Product Photographer


Thank you Thi. Our client is very happy with the quality of your work! The job was completed within days and the results were stunning. It was much better than we expected compared to the rest of the retouchers out there which was a waste of money and time. We also received professional personal assistant, easy to communicate, listens to our problems, opened to negotiate with their packages and provided solutions for all the concerns we pointed out in a timely manner.

Peter Wise, Quality Jewellery Designers


Fine Jewellery Images’ team have been extremely supportive with their services as they will not give up for perfection to suit our taste. We are very happy throughout the process as they have made sure we got the creative look and angles we were after.  The consultation was clear and they love to share everything they have with us. We have definitely found their services extremely valuable in this industry. Their team of phototography and touchups skills have made it very life like and it brings out the unique features of our custom collection and bring them to life on a screen, we are very happy. Thanks Guys.

Jason Rade, Designer Jewellery,